10.19-alyssa210.19-alyssa4 10.19-alyssa5 10.19-alyssa610.19-alyssa8In my former corporate life, button downs were a favorite of mine – not by choice but by need fueled by the desire to look mature (aka older) and therefore, “respectable.” A concept and thinking so inherently flawed I won’t even dwell on it. It didn’t help my case that the button-downs I did get were mostly ill-fitting or just shabby. So I moved on.

Now, years past a life I left behind, button downs seem to be making a comeback in my closet – at least this one from 10.19‘s The Curiousities Collection¬†which has earned its spot in my overused and abused essentials rack. True to my dressing-younger-while-getting-older form, I wore it school-girl style. Sort of to feel and commemorate a Gossip Girl high school wardrobe I never got to experience. (My high school uniform consisted of pencil skirts, vests and blazers. Peculiar, I know.)

While I like it for its fit and how crisp and clean it is, I mostly love it for its blazingly red embroidered mollusk. Any allusion to marine life, okay fine, mermaid life, is always welcome in my book. It might be a little too late to go back to wearing Ariel printed items mostly because Disney doesn’t carry any in my size. I checked. But I am free to do subtle and not so subtle allusions to mermaids.

See, contrary to Ariel’s belief, we actually want to be part of her world.¬†Had she known being under the sea was actually in vogue she probably wouldn’t have traded her mono-fin for, what’s that word again? Oh, feet. Maybe I should re-write the story and challenge the Grimm Brothers’ version. Mine will be a lot less gory and probably 90% music. I declare that as one of my life projects. For now, I’ll go back to wearing items with crustaceans, flounders, eel and even tridents. You know, for inspiration.

FYI, Neil Patrick Harris will totally be Prince Eric.

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