…according to Alyssa Lapid. HAHA

Hey, I ain’t no local, but here’s what I think you should try if you ever wanna go to Bacolod. Or at least here’s what we did. 😉

1) Ride a jeepney. Okay, you can do that in Manila too, or anywhere else for that matter. Just wanted y’all to know that there’s no need to hire a van (or hitch) every single day.

2) Try on a mask (even if you have no intentions of buying).

OR…get freaked out by it. (calling all scaredy-cats! Join the club!). The masks reminded me of bad clown/carnival movies.

3) Once you overcome your fear of scary masks, take a picture with the parade puppets! 🙂 btw, alyssa fun fact: I’ve always been afraid of Pinocchio.  😐

4) Tire yourself to death by trekking in Mambukal Falls. We thought we’d just take pictures but boy were we wrong. haha The place had 7 falls. We were so tired by the end of the fifth that we decided to skip the last 2. Don’t judge. We got more than enough exercise. haha

5) After trekking, dry up that sweat by:

a) riding a motorcycle!

In my defense, I look so scared in that pic coz 1) it was my first time to ride a motorcycle and 2) my Manong Driver was so fast that I was so far from my friends. I did enjoy the ride though. Enjoyed it a whole lot more than trekking. 😐

or b) Driving the motorcycle. Go Manong Marlowe!

6) Do a cartwheel/handstand or whatever it is that Yambs was trying to do (push ups? haha) by the ruins. hahaha

7) JOIN A STREET PARTY!!!!! or in our case, since we missed the street party (im actually not sure if there was one), PARTY ON THE STREET…BY YOURSELVES!!!

And if you’re not satisfied with a street party, especially if you’re a party animal like us, PARTY IN THE CAR!!!

8) TRY INASAL AT LEAST ONCE. Or twice. or thrice. or in my case, 4 times. I have actually been craving for inasal since I got back. Mang Inasal/ChicBoy/Chicken Bacolod anyone? haha

9) Eat with your hands. 🙂 like how I did in this very flattering picture of me.

and lastly.

10) Truth is, it doesn’t matter what you eat or how you eat. The important thing is that you do. Okay, here’s where I get serious. The food in Bacolod is AMAZING. The only thing you really need to do there is eat. okay???

oh meet my friends real quick! L-R: Len, Ben, Chase, Marlowe, Paul, A, Kat and KB. Yambs wasn’t in Bacolod when we took the shot but he was the one who did the handstand. 🙂

We went to Bacolod to celbrate Masskara. The thing is, we didn’t really get to watch the parades and join the festival coz our itinerary was…funny. Still, had so much fun with my friends. Til the next Living the Life trip! 🙂

BTW, if you really want to know about what to do and where to go/eat in Bacolod, leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to help. 😉