Do you remember the crazy storms that happened a little more than a month ago (yep the series before the storms we have now) ? You  were probably at home trying to avoid the floods and keep safe. I had a different experience. I volunteered to help out as an intern for Aranaz last June 24  for an event called Style Souk where Filipino designers were given booths to hold sales and showcase their collections in the middle of GB5. So despite that crazy storm, I had to go to Greenbelt because the event was pushing through. I was scared to drive, just so you know. I’m not the bravest driver and I’m extremely scared of lightning and thunder. So imagine my fear driving along edsa.

Good thing I went though because I had so much fun! Not only was there an Aranaz booth, there was also a SoFA booth so I was able to talk to gorgeous friends Maina, Danika and Dan, who all went there to show some SoFA love. The Aranaz team – Amina, Carla, Ingrid and Mikko – was also there so I had friends to talk to. We weren’t able to sell a lot since there weren’t that many people BUT we did get to mingle with the guests.

Here are some pics from the event. I sort of ended up being the photographer since our amazing photographer, Tippy, wasn’t able to go.

Mains and the Aranaz Team – Ingrid, Mikko and Carla

Our illustrator for the event, Dan Duran, with host Bianca Valerio and his rendition of her outfit. 😉

birthday girl, Ms. Amina Aranaz in action. Happy happy birthday Ms. Amina! 🙂

Guess who graced the SoFA booth! Celebrity stylist  Alyanna Martinez (And her adorb  pets) and photographer extraordinaire Roy Macam! Alyanna was there to help style guests but I think a lot of people got shy. I would’ve availed of that serivce if I wasn’t too shy to leave the booth that long to look around.
pretty girls Mains and Ingrid 🙂

and that’s me with Dan and Mains 🙂

but the highlight of the night was getting to meet AND TALK to CHRIS DIAZ. Ive been in love with his designs since I saw his show during fashion week. His concept was amazing! Actually at first I got shy to talk to him so I just took a picture. Then when I saw that he wasn’t so busy I went up to him again and chatted him up. Oh, the perks of being talkative and makapal! We ended up chatting for like ten minutes (yes, that’s uber long for me already! He’s Chris Diaz!) about his collection and where he got his inspiration and the Biebster. Yeah coz we just HAD to talk about Justin Bieber. Hahaha  He was soooo nice! Got super KILIG!!!

That’s me with designer Chris Diaz 😀

I decided to post this because it’s raining now and I remembered having to drive in the rain for this. HAHA yep, it’s that simple. =)) anyhoo, hope you liked the pics! and the Aranaz bags! I hear there’s gonna be a big sale SOON. I cannot wait to buy a bag! I’ve been wanting to get this bag from them for a while now. Will tell you once I do. 😀

Goodnight everyone! Keeping my fingers crossed that classes are suspended again tomorrow. 😉