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A  couple months back I had the privilege of chatting with about my beauty rituals and must-haves. I always feel like a noob in the beauty realm so this was quite the surprise. I know, I know. Someone who wears red lipstick all the time seems to command quite the beauty know-how, right? Wrong. I mean I thought I knew a lot about makeup until I started hanging out with beauty bloggers. And, to reference my boy Jon Snow, we seem to be alike in the knowledge department (or lack thereof). Apparently, beauty is a whole different beast – with technical, scientific and procedural references that always seem to throw me off. Primers for lashes, serums for different nooks of one’s face, a barrage of anti-aging creams for twenty-year olds – the list of uncharted territories, at least in my book, is endless.

Still, read me babble about my beauty rituals, my must-haves, my travel essentials, and absolute favorite products over at this super cool feature produced and written by Cessi Treñas, directed by Alex Lara, shot by Andrea Beldua and beautified by Jorence Delimos of MAC Cosmetics and hair by Jan Edrosolan. Dream team.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a shoot with the camera this close to my face. Or squealed in depth (and, mind you, like an overexcited little girl) about my beauty regimen. I was pretty honest about my ineptitude too. But if you think there’s nothing you can learn from a non-beauty blogger talking about makeup, well, let me prove you wrong. At the very least, learn from my chronicled mistakes.

Plus, the writing and the illustrations are #lit. Read the full article here.

Produced by Cessi Treñas, Photography by Andrea Beldua. Creative Direction by Alexandra Lara. Hair by Jan Edrosolan. Makeup by Jorence Delimos of MAC Cosmetics