Once upon a time in a faraway site, there lived a blogger who posted regularly. Outfit shots and photoshop were all she ever saw, cameras and laptops all she ever touched. (disclaimer: she didn’t photoshop much. Image resizing was all she really knew.) 

Then one day, an evil witch cursed us all – including the little blogger – and mandated that we have to work to earn. So overwhelmed with the new spell (and more realistically, everything going on), she wasn’t able to manage her time (she was worse than Cinderella) and unfortunately left the blog untouched (for just a little more than a week – but that’s like a century in blog-years).
She weeped and weeped with only her cute puppies to console her. But no amount of cuddling from baby Asher and baby Amber could break the spell. 
The little blogger’s head spun quicker than Snow White. 
The little blogger’s eyes got even bigger than Red Riding Hood’s pretend grandma. (Or Katy Perry’s favorite extra-terrestrial).
…Until she found her laptop.
So…I think by now we all know I’m much better at reading stories than writing them. So I leave you with this  hanging fairy tale about a blogger. (Disney, if you’re reading this, you have full permission to rip this off and turn it into a movie. Just name the character after me and please let her have Ariel’s bod.) Feel free to continue the story as you wish. Mine would probably end like this:
Little blogger does feel bad, however, for leaving her favorite people in the world with no posts to read. But to remind you of how much she loves you (or better yet, you her) here’s her best pouty/apologetic face.  
Seriously though, I’ll get back on track in no time. Just you wait and see. I love you guys (and blogging) too much to leave you hanging for long.