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Acquiring new makeup always renders buyers in a better mood- a beauty haze, let’s call it. Opening a tube of lipstick, looking at a palette that’s perfectly pressed, or double- even triple- dipping your mascara wand to hear that thick swooshing sound is always exciting. Whether you buy it online or you spend hours testing and swatching products in the dreamland that is Sephora, the feeling of getting new loot is universal. But when a box is delivered straight to your doorstep and the contents of which are unknown to you, it feels like Christmas when you finally open it and see that what’s in store for you is a full makeup haul.

Belle Du Jour recently came up with a limited edition Elite Box that contains a massive amount of products exclusively from Colour Collection. I’ve heard of the brand prior to getting a box because a few friends posted it online (and really, that’s the only way to gather info nowadays) but I’ve never actually seen the products in person ’til now. The box worth Php 4,000 but is competitively priced at P1,480 contains a full set of makeup products. That set includes multiple shades of lipstick, powder, eyeshadow  palettes and so much more.

Among the many contents which I excitedly perused, the All Day Wear Lipstick Suede Collection (Php350) is an easy favorite because I’m a sucker for a good tube of lipstick with a knockout shade. It’s formulated with shea butter and aloe so it’s meant to hydrate. Given that my lips are always way too dry, I think this is a good option to take a break from some of my more drying mattes. My favorite shade is the Mild Mocha because it’s great nude with brown undertones. The vivid Rush Red is a close, close second. Other shades include Iris Suede (a bright pink), Cosy Currant (a deep red), Lovely Daisy (a plum), and Rich Pecan (a warm brown).


My next favorites are the All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara (Php 399) and the All Day Wear Brow Mascara (Php 399). I’m obsessed with mascara. Unfortunately, the struggle to find a decent product that doesn’t make me look like I’ve been bawling- after just a few hours on my face- is too real. Imagine me then after a full 12-hour day looking sick, stressed, and like a clinically-diagnosed insomniac. #truth.

This particular mascara is lengthening and is also waterproof which is great for when I do cry because I’m (1) emotional, (2) a gemini, and (3) periodically hormonal. The brow mascara, on the other hand, is great. I love the size of the spoolie. The shade is pretty dark so it looks natural on the strands of your hair but gives dimension nonetheless and keeps the strands in place. Not pictured is the 14HR Liquid Eye Liner Pen (Php 369) which  is a budge-free liner that is extremely easy to glide on. It’s really watery upon application so let it sit for a while first for it to dry. Otherwise expect your crease to have smudges of black (which always happens to me). So do be careful.


Crowd favorites are the palettes that are perfect for those who like having multi-purpose products. The Colour Intense Face Palette (Php 499) is a knockout – it has three eye shadow options, brow powder, blush, and contour. It also comes with a dual-ended brush. This is perfect for women on-the-go who don’t enjoy bringing a ton of stuff or even using different bulky products for different face areas. Imagine: this product covers so many tasks at once. It’s perfect for a night out when you’re carrying a teeny, tiny, basically non-functional purse.

The All Day Wear Eye Shadow Trio Palette (Php 399) is another multi-purpose product for day to night versatility. The pinkish Daytime Glam is for everyday use with its soft, neutral tone while the Wild Night combination of deep brown and a light cappuccino is perfect for a dramatic evening look. It’s relatively easy to create a smokey eye out of this palette.

Last in the package is the Dual Powder Foundation (Php 549). The coverage is pretty flexible as you can use it both wet and dry depending on how much coverage you actually want. It comes with a sponge applicator which makes it easy for the light-reflecting micronised powder to give off a flawless finish.




If you’ve been looking to buy makeup, this should be a really good option. Imagine the number of products that you’re gonna get for the amount you’re gonna spend. I’m really glad Belle Du Jour did this bundle. Order one for yourself for the perfect pick me up. It made me happy and I think if you’re a sucker for makeup like I am, it should put a pep in your step too.

The BDJ Elite Box contains Php 4,000 worth of products that you guys can get for only Php 1,480. It’s definitely a steal so order yours now at bdjbox.com