July – as evidenced by the sudden surge in jeans posts both here and on Instagram – is jeans month. And as July comes to an end, I wanted to do a round up of how we (yes, we) celebrated our beloved fabric starting with this video that some of your favorite bloggers [Patricia, Miguel, Robbie, myself, Vern and Verniece] took part in.


The celebration also saw 4 online magazines published that again featured your favorite bloggers on the covers. Was lucky enough to grace the 3rd cover (Eeeep!) but do check out those of Vern and Verniece Enciso, Robbie Becroft and Miguel Urbina Tan as well. It has a bunch of tips and looks to cop should you ever run out of denim ideas.


But. Just because we’ll be seeing first light of August in a few hours doesn’t mean we should push our jeans back in the depths of our closets. If anything, I actually packed a bunch of them with me and I’m determined to wear them throughout the (next) month continuing the celebration on my own.  And so, I bring you, my first Michigan OOTD in my Penshoppe jeans.








See, what I love most about denim is that it always has one-of-a-kind details that most of the time are noticed by the wearer alone – forming a little secret/bond between wearer and denim. It may be the subtle lighter fabric by the ass that gives it just the right amount of help. It may be the the darker shades by the thighs that give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Whatever it is, I believe it calls out to the owner like wands from Olivander’s (remember Harry Potter’s and Voldemort’s?). My draw happened to be these side zippers from my Penshoppe jeans. I feel like I’m starting to get addicted to exposed hardware and these just magically appeared. Well, okay. I sought them out but I’d like to think it was a mutual search turned fruitful.

Paired them with this Sway Chic top I was very fortunate to be gifted with – Swaychic.com being my very first international blog collaborator. It was the first thing I saw when I got home and excitedly took it out for a spin. It looks so simple and goody-two-shoes on the outside but is apparently such an attention-seeker come a certain angular shift. That description somehow reminds me of a person, but I speak of the top alone when I say it’s what I love about it.

More on this top soon. In the meantime, enjoy all the denim possibilities and join me in another post-denim-celebration celebration.


You can still #GetYourJeansOn at any SM department store. Follow @SMSupermalls for more details.