Play a game with me, will you? Mechanics: 1) Guess the answer based on below clues and 2) forget that you just saw above picture. Okay? Let’s do it.

The eagle has landed. Question: Which eagle?

clues: a) it’s blue. b) it starts with an A. and c) (probably a little more difficult to get) we have the same origins.

If you answered Ateneo, you are wrong! Though Ateneo’s blue eagle will always be my first love, I’m talking about a whole different eagle here.

Correct Answer: American Eagle Outfitters! (duh) a) it too is blue that everytime I see it in the Fort I am transported back to Katipunan. b) again, duh. c) it’s from Michigan. I actually didn’t know ’til I saw the press release but interestingly, at the store opening I remember saying, “this reminds me so much of MI.” Michiganders are serious casual dressers – I should’ve known.

Here are some photos from the launch/store. Highlights included seeing (and ogling) Pretty Little Liar’s Shay Mitchell (who hosted the show), me falling in love with jeans all over again (especially those you can fold ’til mid-calf), and my favorite, finally being able to dress-down at an event.

AE1 AE2 ae3 ae4 ae5 ae6 ae7 ae8 ae9a) hosts Shay Mitchell and Raymond Gutierrez b) models rocking AEO outfits c) what I want to wear but wont for fear of heat stroke c) sandals I came so close to buying d) photo with Sam Potenciano (always nice seeing you!) e) inspiration for next DIY, perhaps? f) stubs g) a rack of crumpled jeans I desperately want to put on display in my room h) a take-home photo of me with them girls Patricia Prieto and Vern Enciso. 

What I ended up getting is reserved for part two of this A Different Eagle post. I promise you though, no more contrived games for the next one.