Guess who just signed a contract with Goody Prodycts Philippines? 😀

I am extremely happy to announce that Goody is now officially a sponsor of MonBeauMonde. I have loved Goody since I was a kid, no joke. Seeing the showroom actually reminded me (and Tippi) of our childhood and all the clips and ponytails we used to own (and eventually, lose. Hey, we were kids then, we didn’t know any better). Well, I’m sure a lot of  us had a Goody phase when we were younger. Apparently, despite my current ‘mature’ state, my love for Goody products still remains. 😉

So from now on, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Goody in my blog (check their FB page here.). Thank you so much to Goody and to Jenna Sy for this. Feels amazing to be part of the Goody family <3

So excited for the coming events! Wait for em, dear readers. Hopefully, youll all be excited too! 😀