Alyssa Lapid

Alyssa is a 25 year old style blogger from Michigan, currently based in Manila, Philippines.

She started blogging in 2010 after graduating BS Management Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University, dabbling into corporate and quickly realizing her passion lies in fashion. She took a fashion course at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) and has been dabbling in marketing and writing since. She currently works as the Managing Editor of Explore Philippines, a bi-monthy travel lifestyle magazine and as the Social Media Manager of SoFA Design Institute.

She’s has an addictive personality most evident in her choice of meals and music. She can listen to a song a hundred times and eat the same meal for weeks straight. But she is most obsessive about fashion constantly talking, reading and even dreaming about it.

This blog is a diary of her sartorial choices, recent obsessions and musings.

Contact Alyssa at alyssa.lapid @ gmail 

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