In light of my upcoming birthday (it’s in two weeks still but I’m v. excited), I’ve allowed myself to ogle over more than just crop tops, bags and pairs of shoes adding a certain item to my wish list: the functional albeit equally fashionable iPad4.

Of course the new iPad offers awesome technical features: the breakthrough retina display, the A6x chip (I’m not sure what this does exactly but it sounds like a level up), a much better camera, etc etc. How tiny it is is also a huge plus considering my shoulders have been begging me – by way of muscle pain – to take a break from lugging my heavy laptop around everywhere. And though from these facets alone I should be sold, an added bonus is how much of an accessory it can get. For a girl who rarely ever dons accessories, nothing is better to flaunt than a new unscathed gadget. I kid. It’s not for flaunting, it’s for using. I know. But I might as well take advantage of the fact that the iPad plus a sleek cover could do wonders to one’s outfit. I compiled several covers I would want to adorn said gadget with (although some of them cost more than the actual iPad itself and would most probably, like the iPad, merely remain in my wish list):


L-R: WESTON Flourite printed cover, STELLA MCCARTNEY Holographic faux leather case, PROENZA SCHOULER  neon case, LANVIN printed cover, LOTUFF leather envelope cover,  MOSCHINO printed case, MARC by MARC JACOBS lip printed cover and JIMMY CHOO snakeskin case

Just take a look at that neon Proenza case. I’m not a big neon girl but that elevates the term “case” to a whole other plane and could easily fool the untrained eye – which I’m all for.

Back to the actual device: SMART is actually releasing the iPad4. No word yet whether there are data plans but if they release anything even remotely LTE-based I think this iPad could possibly be my new best friend replacing all human interaction with mere swipes.

Currently plugging a trip to the Smart Jump Experience Centerlocated at SM Cyberzone (twitter, FB) in my calendar to check out the gadget first hand. I’m 99% sure I’ll fall in love with it.

And then it would totally be a happy birthday.