From class, headed to Charlie’s with Dan Concepcion to have the most awesome burger ever, then went home to change for the MEGA YDC Finale. 🙂 Was really hesitant about going at first because I didn’t have anything to wear. Good thing my fairy godmother, in the form of PEFTA 2011 finalist Dan Duran, came to the rescue.

Ever since I saw this dress I knew I had to wear it at least once in my life (it’s kinda hard to wear something more than once since I blog my outfits, especially when it’s a gorgeous, unique piece like this one.) Anyway, I am so glad that I was able to get a hold of this dress just in the nick of time. Thank you thank you thank you, Dan Duran for this! 🙂

Draped dress, DAN DURAN | Zipper Platforms, DAS

Coz, I was too shy to take pics at the event itself. I ended up taking outfit shots in the parking lot. Again, thank you, Dan Duran, for this awesome awesome dress! Got so kilig when Chris Diaz said he liked my dress and that he recognized it! Yipeeeeee! (Just so you know, Chris Diaz is one of my favorite designers ever. So imagine how kilig I was!)

Oh, the title is from Dan’s inspiration for this- the Afghan girl.

And I firmly believe it does look like a really fashionable Afghan girl, even if some called me a Spartan wife. haha