Tank, H&M | Skirt, Sabrina | Boots, OLD NAVY | Sunglasses, FOREVER21

Photos by Danika Navarro

My way of apologizing for not posting often? Bombarding you with smiling/laughing pics of myself. Crossing fingers that you’d forgive me once you get a glimpse of that grin ‘coz really, how can you stay mad at somebody who’s all smiles for ya? Went all nautical on a day filled with meetings. Topped it off with a seashell+starfish printed bag which I unfortunately forgot to bring out during this quick ‘photo op.’ I might just be losing my touch. Or my mind – that’s likely. I will try to be a more active blogger and keep my sanity at the same time.  An unlikely feat, I know. So no promises on either one.

On second thought, the former’s much much easier. The latter? Cue Joker’s laugh in 3…2…