Dress, yours truly | Platforms, THE RAMP

Photos by Tippi Sy

The one day I felt like a ‘designer’. Well, first, I actually designed this dress- hence the very deep neckline. You guys should’ve known. And second, that day I also found out that I’m a finalist for a design competition!

Two weeks before school ended, I decided to join my very first design competition. It was for Bayo and it was so funny and weird because I was so obsessed with it that I’d actually visit the store to ‘The Secret’ getting in. true story. and when I thought my entry wouldn’t be included in the panel (coz I passed it a tad bit late) I got a bit depressed and cried literally everywhere. But I found out a few days ago, during the Zalora launch (yes I wore this dress to the Zalora launch), that I got in! I’m a finalist! Yipee! So all we have to do now is produce our collection for the fashion show and pray that the judges like our designs. WISH ME LUCK.

Anyway, back to the event. Zalora just did their grand launch a few days ago at Skye. And guess what? Our team organized the event (the same team that did Platform.) So I was actually working when I decided to wear this dress. Lesson learned: when you need to move around, get fashion tape. I honestly have no idea how to blog about this event, coz again, our team organized it. So it might sound extremely biased if I praise it like cray. But I still will, of course. Though not in this post. More about Zalora and what went down that night soon.

p.s. this dress was made for my Clothing Evolution finals. #justsaying.