Did a fun shoot with one of my favorite local brands recently, Ann Marie, for their second collection launch. The crew was a bunch of familiar faces from way back when (college, I mean) who ended up being amazing friends so it was a lot of fun with non-stop goofing around and laughing. It’s always nice to get the opportunity to work with friends especially since this group in particular is full of hardworking and talented folks.

Let me keep this short and let the photos do the talking. If there’s anything you like, be sure to order at annmarie.co. Quantities are limited and prices are extremely low. Up for #twinning?

annmarie-collection-2-mannmarie-collection-2-a annmarie-collection-2-b annmarie-collection-2-cannmarie-collection-2-e annmarie-collection-2-fannmarie-collection-2-d annmarie-collection-2-g annmarie-collection-2-h annmarie-collection-2-i annmarie-collection-2-j annmarie-collection-2-k annmarie-collection-2-l

Photographed by: Ber Garcia

Styled By: Nicole Aquino and Fatima Yambao of Girls of Nima

Creative Direction by: Tippi Sy

Special thanks to wonder-duo: Maina Hechanova and AJ Pangilinan