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What have you sworn never to wear only to find yourself one day prancing about in it? Okay maybe not sworn off, ‘coz mine would be Crocs and I still haven’t found it in me to actually buy myself a pair. I’m talking more about what you’ve never thought would fit your style but have recently been enamored by it altogether. Birks? Sneakers? Cap-sleeved shirts? (The last is still not my thing but if it floats your boat, go for it.) Mine was anything preppy. Fine, my list is long but prep tops that list. See, I absolutely adore Alexa Chung and her sense of style but I didn’t think I was quirky enough to pull her looks off (or at least try.)

I came across a new brand recently called Ann + Marie that basically identifies with regular Anns and Maries, giving them curated garments that can supposedly be worn by anyone. Their tumblr is visually inspiring, the idea to sell complete outfits in parcels – discounted, of course – is also pretty cool. I saw this collared baby doll gingham dress and willingly ate my words, set my symbolic list on fire (at least some parts of it), and ordered myself one. To be fair, the pieces are also very affordable. I got this dress for Php480 delivered to my front door without breaking a sweat. It came in a parcel (below) with moccasins. Tempting as they wear, the shoes may be just a little out of character as of the moment. Who knows, it might be the next thing I sport.

I’ve also been addicted to a clean headband look (thanks to Marc Jacobs) but can’t figure out where to get thinner jersey bands. I’m placing my bets on Forever 21. Wish me luck! In the meantime, why don’t you check this website out in the comforts of your home, maybe in your silk pajamas, while I ravage a two-storey boutique in search for a headband.

Sounds fair. Not.


So, a dress and shoes for 850. You’re welcome.