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To borrow the words of Adele, hello, it’s me.

I realize that prior to last weekend’s post I haven’t written anything on this website for more than a month. Inspiration-block is an actual thing, apparently, and the whole gamut of my creative juices has been sucked dry by other outlets. Even Instagram (@alyssalapid if we ain’t friends there) has been a little hard to “curate.”

In terms of life updates, my hair is now shorter (not seen here and yes, we start with the physical), work is pretty much consistent not to mention consistently hectic. I’ve been to the beach twice in the past month in two different provinces which was great. Work is hectic but vacations packaged as work (or is it work packaged as vacations?) were also pretty constant recently.

This year has been tumultuous to say the least full of high ups and steep downs. I cannot wait for the year to end. The idea of a fresh start, like a fresh notebook or a new planner, is full of promise in my optimistic eyes. Funny how my optimism hinges on timing. I wonder if I would be as optimistic without the promise of the new year. Probably not. Either way, I truly believe that the new year brings a clean slate and a chance to start over and I never pass on a fresh start.

So before I bid the year adieu, let me share some of my more memorable trips and favorite looks. I realize that I’ve merely been microblogging and I truly prioritize this website above all other forms of social media so my life and wardrobe updates definitely have to be reflected here as well.

I shot this look about a month ago with Ber Garcia featuring two of my favorite local brands Neon Island and Tres Shoes. If I’m being 100% real, these items have been on rotation the past couple months. Both the dress and the sandals are such easy pieces and they’re absolute no brainers in my book. With the 70s back in full swing, the dress is an obvious on-trend choice that reminds me so much of a young Jane Birkin. In my eyes, local brand Neon Island can do no wrong and I will forever be a fan. I don’t think I’ve missed the chance to purchase at least one piece from every collection they’ve put out.

The shoes from Tres, on the other hand, are new favorites. I never thought I’d be so attached to avocado-colored footwear but here I am risking looking color blind pairing these green slip ons with absolutely all options in the color wheel no matter how radical they may seem. This time though I got it right – the chambray dress and the fruity slip ons go well together.

I do hope to see you again more consistently on this space. Feel free to comment on what you’d want to see more of or whatever it is in your mind. Or at least echo or refute what’s on mine. Tell me I’m not the only one addicted to the high that the new year brings? Please? Am I really the only one with a new planner eagerly waiting to write on the first few pages of January?

Photos by Ber Garcia