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It feels great to be back home. I haven’t been back to Michigan in almost two years and I missed everybody and the laid-back Michigan way. Currently writing this post with a view of the lake and all is well. Thanks to Snapchat (among other things; add me @alyssalapid), I can finally give glimpses of how life is like here. Everybody seems to be familiar with New York’s fast paced lifestyle or Cali’s endless Summers but unless you’re in Detroit, it’s much, much slower here.

So happy to be able to take a break from all things Manila. I guess a breather is exactly what I needed to get better headspace. The hustle and bustle of the city – with all its problems and all its stressors – bogs you down. Whenever I’m here, my days aren’t always full and I don’t always go out but that’s just the way I like it. There’s never any pressure to see or do. You can just be. I feel like I’m becoming nicer too! (Then again, maybe that’s just me.) There is something about people who are intrinsically kind to strangers and, more importantly, don’t operate by social strata that makes one more at peace and pleasant. Kindness is contagious, contrary to popular belief.

Since home entails an amazing view of the lake (fun fact number 1: Michigan is riddled with bodies of water,) chilling means staying in our backyard as a form of relaxation. Took my Neon Island bikini out just to match the view. Excited to post more photos but I’m being awfully sluggish here. Must. be. better.

If you’re reading this from the Pines, please know that I do miss sisig, bulalo and all things fatty and deadly. I’m honestly already thinking about my first meal back. It might also be helpful to mention that Smart Communications is offering FREE Instagram for all its postpaid and prepaid subscribers as part of other prepaid promos such as All Text 20, Unli Call & Text 30, All in 99 and Mega 250, among many others. Feel free to check this out for more information:

You guys are spoiled with good food and free social media to post it with. Enjoy. I’ll be enjoying here too, bikini or no bikini.