Time and again I have an internal debate when attending something even remotely formal. About 80% of me wants to just throw on whatever chill piece I could find, 10% wants to look respectable and maybe even posh while the other 10% is busy thinking about the next imminent meal and what its contents will be.

Should an actual meeting at someone else’s office arise, I’d do the right thing and step down from my high horse decked in Birks and shirts and throw on something appropriate like a pencil skirt. That’s for work outside blogging, of course. (For reference, my work-work includes handling and another doing digital marketing for a fashion school.) When I have meetings for the blog, however, I assume they know of my casual ways and try to stay true to my no-fuss aesthetic. (Again, situation/environment-appropriate, of course.)

There are certain moments of indecision though when I throw on pieces from both ends of the spectrum like photographed outfit with trousers appropriate for a stricter setting but completely toned down with a high crop shirt and, you guessed it, sandals. I really have to stop wearing these because I’m getting three pronged tan lines on my feet and are therefore starting to look dirty. Wore it to a casual meet up but I think the trousers gave the look a little more maturity. Just a little. We both know I rarely go that route.

Tell me, what looks do you balance out and how? More importantly, are you successful? I would like to think I was. Either way, I already wore it out. Right now I’m just letting my food-oriented brain decide¬†what to eat for lunch.