Ever since getting my hands on a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love I have then included in my life goals the ff: 1) to last three months in Italy for the sole reason of eating (in search of the best pizza and gelato) and 2) to go to Bali. While the reason for the former is rather obvious (duh, pizza and gelato. It probably won’t get any better than that), the latter’s mostly because the whole prospect of finding one’s balance really appeals to me – especially with current (and rather frightening) feelings of aimlessness – think: Alice in Wonderland with it’s rubbed off foot trails and confusing road signs.

Bali was so beautiful, relaxing, romantic and fun. The people were kind; easy to talk to. Half the place seemed like one big spa and the other, a series of long, never-ending roads dedicated to another form of relaxation, shopping. I think, though, I expected an experience too reminiscent to that of Elizabeth’s that is both an impossible feat for 4 days (with 2 spent solely on sightseeing) and highly inimitable. In a somewhat pathetic attempt, I did try to retrace some of her steps, even going to see Ketut Liyer and being told the exact same things as the ones before and after me. Still, it was fun (our conversation reserved for the next blog post). I did not take the Eat, Pray, Love tour ubiquitously advertised mostly because my companions were set on seeing other tourist spots putting a quick halt to my obsession.

Our first day was spent walking to Kuta Beach (a surfer’s paradise), shopping – and bargaining – in Legian and Seminyak (highly recommended for those who want to see independent Bali brands/designers – interestingly, the designs are very current) and then at Breeze at the Samaya, perfect for a honeymoon/romantic date. Spent a good 30 minutes just watching the waves- something I think I would always enjoy. There is something so hypnotizing about the water and Bali seemed to have it everywhere – in the form of beaches, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, etc. Even their airport was surrounded by it so the first thing you see when you land are waves crashing down.

Sigh. I wish I had a lot more time to explore. I’m very thankful though to have had a breather. I was met with, umm, issues though the moment I was about to leave and after landing (with a subsequent trip to the hospital.) Back to the hustle and bustle of Manila though but I’m set on sharing with you the rest of my magical days in Bali. Stay tuned!

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Scarf-print top, SM GTW | Bikini and denim skirt, H&M | Sandals, SUITEBLANCO | Sunglasses, FOREVER 21