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I always find, most often too late, that the contents of my luggage mimic that of my day-to-day closet no matter where I go. Regardless of whether there’s sand or snow, there’s bound to be a crop top somewhere and other location and weather-inappropriate pieces. At least I’m consistent, no? This skirt is a favorite in Manila for throwing on when I’ve got nothing to wear and when I don’t want to spend precious minutes just staring blankly in the mirror. Mirror-staring should be reserved for applying cat-eye liner. That’s so much more reasonable.

This is a look I wore in Boracay. I think the fringe skirt was imagined in a cabana or by a beach bar so it was pretty justified. Although I did step out of my room with a crop top over the bikini so it really honestly seemed like I was just in Manila.

Speaking of outfits, Bloggers United 8 is just around the corner. Literally, it’s on Sunday already. I’m selling A LOT of things. Honestly, I’ve never packed this much for BU. The pieces I’m selling are favorites, some even took rounds of internal debates to convince myself to let go. I’m selling shoes, bags, accessories and a whole lot of clothes. I don’t plan on bringing my stuff back home so the items will be pretty cheap. Accessories will mostly be around 50-100, shoes will be priced no higher than 500 and clothes average 300.

I’m giving away 20 tickets and because I’ve realized over the years of doing ticket giveaways that Bloggers United isn’t just a partner event, it’s a family affair, a barkada affair and more, I’ll change the rules a bit. You can now tell me HOW MANY tickets you want. 2, 3, 4, even 5. Just let me know.

The mechanics are pretty simple:

1. Regram any outfit photo of mine either from Instagram or from this blog. (Feel free to crop my face, I don’t mind.) It can be an outfit you want me to sell or you  just saying that you can’t wait to shop my closet. You can also regram some of the teasers I posted of items I’ll be selling. Up to you.

2. In the caption, tell me how many tickets you want (e.g., “I need 4 tickets so my whole family can shop!”) and tag the people you’ll be giving tickets to.

3. You and your plus one/s must follow me on Instagram (@alyssalapid).

4. Don’t forget to tag me (@alyssalapid), @bloggersunitedph and use the hashtag #BU8xOLX.

ALSO, my winners (and their plus ones/twos/threes and fours) get a 20% discount from my booth.

See you Sunday guys. I can’t wait!