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It’s been beachy over at my Instagram with my recent trip to Boracay. I just got back and am a little too eager to share photos so here’s a quick outfit post before I go through what went down during the trip.

This Carisse dress was impulse bought at a bazaar. It felt too reminiscent of a Disney princess to pass up. I should probably trust my instincts more given that this impulse buy turned into a favorite in such a short period of time. What I pictured with pants I ended up in without. But with the water as my background my bikini was more than enough.

Shot this at Crown Regency Hotels, the place where we stayed. More on that and my actual Disney princess moment (as Ariel – my favorite, no less – when I went mermaid swimming with fish AND sharks) on a different post.

For now, I leave you with what I imagine Rapunzel would wear with the bishop sleeves and the smocking. A better reference would be greatly appreciated.  I know there are fairy tale experts out there.


Photos by Angela Nepomuceno

Shot at Crown Regency Hotels