What I’d rather be wearing: a beanie and a loose, bra-peeking tank.

Wore awfully ‘un-sexy’ pieces to a lingerie event – the La Senza Show-Off at Rockwell. Seriously. I don’t get my own outfit-event/background mismatches sometimes. I think the fact that I was surrounded by the laciest, skimpiest, and most coveted intimates – ones that could snag Mr. Christian Grey himself – was enough.

Why I am not donning an outfit like this now, I do know – I can’t find my beanie. I own but 2 pairs: a yellow one with the knits unraveling way faster than its supposed shelf-life and this grey one – a beanie I happened to buy in some random pharmacy in Chicago two winters ago. I was freezing and it was necessary. Now it’s just missed.

Saw a couple cute ones at Muji. Where else can I get nice (and affordable) ones? Need to buy a few before leaving for Michigan. Which reminds me, I owe you guys some sort of photo diary. This week, promise.

Pic taken from W/E  with a Vern Enciso and Dan Buenaventura cameo 😉