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There’s a lot to be said about today’s generation. I’m not sure if it’s the need to constantly prove oneself (thanks, in no small part, to social media-mandated comparisons and benchmarking), or if society is just more demanding than ever. Multi-hyphenates are no longer a bonus but a requirement, employees stay longer and longer at the office and, personally, my phone beeps ’til after I’ve fallen asleep. That’s partly because of overly-active Viber groups but emails and work seem to multiply the moment you get some shut eye too.

I’ve been trying to figure out why exactly the sound of waves or even just the sight of the vast expanse makes me so calm and I┬átried to research some scientific explanation but I gave up after just 1 page of Google search results. I want to say it has something to do with how small I feel, or how the horizon prompts several life quotes to memory but I think I personally find peace and serenity when faced with nature because it brings me back to what’s really important – not the hustle, not the $$$ in my bank account, nor the blog posts I’ve written the past week, but just being fully present and appreciating life, its beauty and its wonders, without having to think of them in certain VSCO filters or minding how to capture it in a perfect square.

My best moments have always been offline but there’s still no greater reminder than the beautifully hued water, sucking you in and rewiring your brain giving you that much needed breather that routine seems to have infinitely stolen.

Thank you, nature, for always being so magnificent.

p.s. In hindsight, it may also be my mermaid dreams brought to life. We’ll never know ‘coz I gave up on Google, huh.

Photos taken in Balesin at the Nivea Come Closer event