Back in Manila! But before I share what went down in the US of A, (I know I’m pretty delayed), let me first tell you how I plan on doing the sharing by introducing a few new services from one of my all-time favorite brands, Smart. Because trust me, you get the news even before actual friends (and with all my backlogs, just imagine what my social calendar is like.)

1. BIG, BIG OFFERS (hence the big, big phone.)


Not sure if you’ve started availing of this promo but if you’re anything like me – that is, able to spend hours upon hours on the phone – then you’d probably enjoy this new offer: Big Calls 100. For Php100 you get 200 minutes for 7 days – that’s basically .50 cents per minute. Can’t beat that. And if the folks on the other end of the line tire of your stories, or, their favorite excuse, “have their ears hurt” then you can switch it up with Big Text 50 which allows for unlimited texting for 7 days. I personally prefer the phone calls because my mouth can do more damage in a minute than my fingers, but your choice of storytelling is totally up to you. To avail of both promos just send TEXT50 to 6406 for Big Text or CALL100 to 6406 for Big Calls.  For more information check

2. TRINET 300


If you’re quite the social butterfly with friends from different walks of life, or in this case, different networks, then TRINET 300 is probably the promo for you. With unlimited texts to Smart, Sun and Talk N Text subscribers plus a whopping 300 mins worth of calls, you can keep your friendships in check with a hefty amount of digital social interactions. Just text TRINET300 to 2477 to avail of the many, many chances for your fingers to turn sore. I’d recommend getting a stylus by the end of the month, you know, just to give your poor digits (pun intended) a break. For more information check

3. Smart Unli 25

smart phone

Okay, no amazingly photoshopped image this time. Was seriously considering photoshopping my face 25 times but blogging is considered narcissistic as it is and that would just make both you and I cringe. Among the three, this is probably my favorite, but then I’m pretty wishy-washy like that so come a couple days I might switch favorites. But isn’t that the beauty of it? Being able to customize everything acco. to your needs? Anyway, this last one, Smart Unli 25 has been upgraded – aside from being able to call and text without limits, you can now also surf and chat. And any service that gives me the power to Instagram is a plus in my book. Any service that gives me the power to blog (and you to check my blog) is even better. Send UNLI25 to 6406 to enjoy the list of offerings.  You can check here for more information:

There you go. So now that I’m back and am forced to come to terms with my laptop I so diligently avoided, I should start working on my San Francisco photo diary, a few more Michigan posts, a couple beauty ones and try to diminish backlog into usual up-to-date outfit postings. Don’t worry, the blog schedules are already written and color-coded on my white board. And what the white board wants, the white board gets.