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I just turned 25 a couple weeks ago – last June 2nd to be exact- and it’s been a whirlwind ride ever since. First, I’d like to officially share my new job as the Managing Editor of Explore Philippines, a bi-monthly travel lifestyle magazine. (Sorry, had to. I love saying I’m now an “editor.”) Expect a lot of fun and exciting things to be covered in magazine pages, online, on Insta and maybe even on the blog. I personally think it’s a millennial’s dream to be able to work in the travel industry so I feel extremely blessed and excited for things to come. I might just be the next expert re: the PI.

Second, I wanted to thank you guys for the support throughout the years. I feel like I changed a lot the past five years and you’ve witnessed it via the power of the interwebz so whether you’ve hopped on this blog’s bandwagon just recently or since its questionable beginning, thank you. I’m not saying goodbye – far from it. But I think a shoutout to you is absolutely necessary. Didn’t really get to celebrate my birthday with friends but an online clicking of metaphorical glasses with you, my dear readers, will more than suffice.

I guess I should also share how I’ve been feeling a little stuck recently in terms of content and growth – seriously, how many OOTDs can a blogger post? Am starting to feel inspired all over again so I know it’ll be an even better ride from hereon out. If you have any ideas you want to throw at me – posts you want to see, topics you want me to cover, just holler. I appreciate your creative minds much more than you think.

Threw on this gorgeous dress from Zara I bought especially for my birthday. Unfortunately shooting with disposable cameras can be big misses and I don’t even understand what happened here exactly but I’m sharing them just the same to prove that a blogger’s life is not always perfect and there aren’t always edits or filters. (Or maybe this specific blogger just can’t work Photoshop magic (still!) to save these snaps.) To be fair, it’s very nostalgic of an easier life of┬ádeveloped Kodak moments and physical photo albums. Spent my day on a date in Antonio’s Tagaytay which I still think has the most amazing steak. Drop by when you get the chance, thank me later.

A celebration seems imperative, so cheers both to my life’s updates and to yours. Hoping you’re having an amazing June (and 2015 for that matter) so far.

Dress, ZARA | Sandals, TRES SHOES