Stores hold sales bi-annually. Apparently my closet does too. It’s Bloggers United season and I’m looking forward to seeing my amazing readers again. I am currently in the process of re-selecting the items – somehow my preselected pieces got mixed up with the ones I’m not supposed to sell – so if I get a little too lazy to sort stuff, I might just end up dragging half my closet and just let them all go.

I am trying to convince myself I am not a hoarder although I am not winning that argument. So please come early, grab what you can as quickly as possible so I don’t end up second guessing how rapidly my garment count is dwindling. On the bright side: my closet space is looking a bit more…existent. (They should hold Bloggers United more often. It does wonders for the cleanliness of my room.)

Anyway, Danika Navarro and I will be booth partners again so do drop by our area. I believe she’s even more of a hoarder than I am so for sure she’ll be bringing more stuff than I think I own. And I’m only half-kidding. Also, it’s fun to note that she’s an amazing graphic artist and I’ve been freeloading on her awesome design skills while she comes up with gorgeous signages like this one:


We both can’t wait to see you fashionable folks there! Here are a couple sneak peeks of the pieces I’m selling: a military chic look and the other, a tough chick’s.


And here’s a quick ticket giveaway: just tweet “@alyssalapid is giving away #BU5 tickets!” Don’t forget to follow  @alyssalapid – I’ll be giving 8 lucky winners two (2) tickets each (for the winner plus a friend). See you guys there! 🙂

p.s. Since it’s my birthday the following day, do try to shop. HA. Or you can just greet me. A happy birthday will be more than enough and will make me love you forever. Forever.


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