Ph by Anton Aguila

Racks dragged from one point to another dismantling mid-transport forming a clump of clothes on the floor; my feet procuring an impossible amount of blisters from wearing pumps the entire day; and having to eat my first meal at 4PM atop a random plant box outside the actual building were all. worth. it.

To all the sweet folks who dropped by our booth, said hi, took the time to chat with us, buy from us, throw a birthday greeting my way and a gift/love note or two, thank you. As much as I kept announcing it online, I wasn’t really expecting people to remember much less hand me anything (aside from cash, you know,  for the items bought) so  you made a certain birthday girl rather happy.

Aside from it being comforting to know that there are real people (other than myself) actually going through this blog in some faraway screen, it is absolutely heart-warming knowing that we bloggers have an impact on lives somehow by doing the things we love (e.g., perpetually playing dress up). To be an Ambassador of Following Dreams will always be a job I would want to keep. I really do wish we had more BUs where we can just chat – with actual chairs – and have enough space to shop without the walkways turning into a concreted LaBoracay.

Know that your words are remembered, tweets read and notes now a fixture in my room. Thank you. Anyway, here are some snaps from the recent BU to save us all from the mushy state this blog post turned into.







reader love

More of our photos are posted on this Facebook album. If I wasn’t able to include our photo, just send me a tweet/IG. 

I will definitely see you guys at the next Bloggers United. Meanwhile, I’ll promise you this: I shall hoard even more things for your future purchasing purposes. It’s the least I can do.