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The concept of a blouse has always been intriguing to me. Feminine tops – delicate chiffons, satins and silks – have always been pieces I’ve admired but have written off for Future Alyssa. The “power woman” YSL pantsuit look is so good – Le Smoking is a classic for a reason. And YSL girls – aren’t they enchanting? Still, I’ve always tried to stay away because I always thought I couldn’t pull it off. Maybe I just wasn’t able to find the right revolutionary wardrobe piece ’til recently.

Came across this button-down blouse at ForMe and fell in love it. Perfect mix of a classic silhouette injected with a fun contemporary print – bows. Paired the top with a denim mini to show just how versatile it can be – I don’t have to look all conventional by pairing it with go-to fancy pants, clackety heels and a structured bag. Denims and Birks are enough to sustain it – the top brings enough life and injects more than enough personality anyway. (Seriously, even my mom wants one for herself.)

BTW, that black bow that comes with the top isn’t attached to it so I think I may just have been blessed with the most versatile add on. Spot The Bow will be a favorite game soon. For this reason alone I deem the purchase completely justified.

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