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boyfriend-everything4 boyfriend-everything3boyfriend-everything5Let me be a little sexist by saying: men kind of have it easy; Biologically (no birth pains, no periods), financially (men still get higher pay than their women counterparts) and on a rather superficial level, aesthetically. Men don’t spend hours plucking, shaving or painting their faces with 10 (or more) different make up products. They don’t walk in 5-inch heels (although I’m also wondering why we subject ourselves to this). And they don’t have to figure out whether to wear the tank/halter/off-shoulder/crop/long-sleeved top with their micro-mini/mini/midi/maxi skirts. (There are a lot more outfit permutations but they would eat up my entire blog post.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not belittling men. Actually, I think we better start learning from them. ¬†Weeks without painstakingly rendered heel-height prompted a paradigm shift on comfort. Comfort over style, ease over aesthetics and function over form, men logic is exactly that: logical.

Boyfriend jeans are a gift to any girl who’s ever rode the skinny jean trend with us usually ending up on the floor writhing and twisting our legs into the tiny fabrics. #TheStruggleIsReal. Boyfriend shirts are also a blessing to any woman who’s had a hard time figuring out lingerie to match the silky button downs expected of us. Menswear-inspired trends and silhouettes do reap certain added benefits: ample limb movement and an insurance policy for wardrobe malfunctions.

See, there is wisdom in borrowing from the boys. But if you go trading your frilly pieces for their sandos or board shorts that’s totally up to you. I wouldn’t go that far.

Button-down, THE 1019 CLOTHING | Jeans, UNIQLO | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK | Sunglasses, RAYBAN