While I professed my love for denim skirts recently, I’m finding myself more and more averse to denim jeans. I used to live in skinny jeans a few years back but now they feel a little suffocating. Maybe it’s because I was also slimmer back then so wiggling my way in them was easier. Maybe it’s also because it’s becoming hotter and hotter that the thought of my legs profusely sweating makes me uncomfortable even before putting them on. I do find the occasional pair though that I enjoy wearing. This skinny pair from Freego is becoming one of those. They fit just right allowing for ample movement still – unlike some that make me feel like a newly-wrapped mummy. The wash is also especially trendy mimicking the color of the now ubiquitous 90s-inspired acid wash. Not a big fan of jumping on whatever trend bandwagon but I think I’ve already established that the 90s is a decade I want to relive – at least its wardrobe. And maybe the Spice Girls.

I figured there’s nothing better to wear with denims than a backless onesie. It feels right that the fabric covering my legs is compensated by its absence on the torso. Though I rarely feel uncomfortable in minimal fabric, I used my new YAY coverup cum scarf cum whatever you want it to be, for creative layering purposes. It can morph into about 12 different things (e.g., kimonos, shawls, dresses, etc.) and it’s currently the most versatile piece in my wardrobe – one that will be the first to be packed should a trip come up. I especially like kimono variants so this is something I’m very happy about. I have yet to fully discover how to convert it but when I do, expect a flaunting of my new “talent.”

Let me leave you with another 90s favorite: Sister Act (mostly because I got distracted for a split-second and saw Whoopi Golberg on TV). If after this clip you still don’t miss the 90s then that’ll probably just challenge me to keep referencing the decade until you end up wearing spaghetti straps and acid wash jeans yourself.

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