I am NOT a morning person. But in all honesty I didn’t mind getting up at around 6 to get ready for a shoot for Status Magazine last May 19. 🙂 Since I can’t release pics yet, here are some BTS shots. 🙂

Miko Carreon and Kyle Quizon

Bianca getting made upDan and his model! haha L-R: Dan Buenaventura, A, Miko Carreon, Toff Tiozon, Val Chua (an amazing artist!) and Mark

It was nice meeting everyone! everyone was so nice and friendly and YOUNG. haha Dan and I felt old during the shoot. Old. at 20! hahaha anyhoo, more pictures and more stories when I can release the outfit photos. This was just a special sneak peak. 🙂 Hint: what we did involved crossing the streets of Makati – multiple times – a feat I should be good at, but unfortunately, speeding cars and taxis aren’t my forte. Pray with me that it turns out well. I have a nagging feeling that I look fat in the shots. 😐

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