I haven’t really fallen for a trend quite like this but oxblood is special because 1) it seems to make things a bit more vampiric and 2) it prompts special NCIS memories. And yes, those were supposed to win you over.

As an (occasional) impulse buyer, trend-fanning is quite detrimental to my funds; especially when the things I find are faux-fur vests I have no use of – which, if you were wondering, I did end up buying. Luckily, one spending was easily justified – this pair of shorts I seem to have worn four times since finding it at Cotton On two weeks ago. (FYI, my spending formula is: Price/# of times worn = cost per wear). So considering my forecast of this piece being overused, I can proudly say this piece is a steal. I can also say, albeit not-as-proudly, that my spending logic is quite defunct.

Also, this outfit accurately sums up all things I splurge on ridiculously – asymmetrical anything, anything non-restrictive, boots, and, currently, oxbloods and barely there necklaces. The only thing lacking would be a character/Disney shirt, but you know that already.

On a completely unrelated note, my top’s train reminds me of Vegas. Still deciding if the pleasant surprise is in the front or at the back but I promise you, there is one.

Asymmetrical leopard top, SM GTW | Oxblood shorts, COTTON ON | Boots, OLD NAVY | Cross necklace, FOREVER21 | Pony pouf, GOODY 

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