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Not sure if I ever mentioned it here on the blog (but I definitely did on Instagram – @alyssalapid), that I went on a 2-week trip to Europe last April. The trip involved seeing parts of Germany (Hamburg and Berlin), Paris and Milan but the real reason for going was to witness the Canonization of 2 Popes – Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII – as they were declared saints. I know. I sound holy. So to dispel your probably inaccurate, newly-formed impressions of me, you can read the tales on an unholy pilgrim (i.e., me), here just to see where my head is at when it comes to all things biblical.

Vatican posts are reserved for later though when I can finally put into words that crazy and scary experience. For now let’s keep things light in an outfit post that happened to be taken in Rome (the only connection with my intro, really.)

I’ve always known that my friend Tipay Caintic was a creative genius. She has proven time and again just how her vision sets her apart  – in Preview’s PEFTA Design competition, Bayo’s Design competition (with yours truly, I feel the need to mention), and the recent International Showcase at London Fashion Week where she showcased her collection about the infamous and heartbreaking Yolanda tragedy which hit her hometown Tacloban.

She very recently came out with her RTW collection and as a friend and fan I made sure I got a couple of pieces from her before I flew out. I like reppin’ Manila wherever I go. And to dispel fashion blogger myths that we get everything for free, I also feel the need to point out that no, I bought her pieces. As should you because 1) she’s talented and 2) that’s how normal business goes.

This gorgeous sweater with cut-outs is actually made from Pinya (or pineapple) fabric more commonly used in our national costumes. She completely transformed the fabric by turning it into a wearable knit. Again, creative genius. I am so excited for you to see more of her (and hopefully more of me in her pieces. Or maybe I’m the only one excited about that.)

Another thing I’m also excited about – resuming the last leg of my Vietnam posts. Vietnam after this post, for real this time. Then we can jump continents and talk about the Vatican. Or the Eiffel Tower. Or just gelato. Your pick.

Sweater, BY TIPAY | Skirt, H&M | Bag, LOUIS VUITTON |Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK