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Remember that scene where Dorothy clacked her red glitter pumps to go back to Kansas? Why she wanted to leave the wonderful world of Oz I don’t really know but what I am sure of is that my penchant for sparkly footwear started the first time I saw that movie. And I saw it a lot. I can sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in my sleep – if you ask nicely.

Interestingly, decades of living in this world don’t seem to change childhood favorites. I still think fondly of anything Disney, Power Rangers, Pokemon and, thanks to Dorothy,¬†over-the-top sparkles. With that premise, one can instantly infer I zoomed in on these sparkly Menina Step¬†flats the moment I laid eyes on them on a website. I never let them go since. I love how these flats sparkle with every touch of light making me feel like a 14 year old princess – precious and feminine with a literal twinkle.

I do love how the look was styled (by Raiza Poquiz) in a skirt version of a Canadian tuxedo. It kind of puts into perspective the age of the wearer (me) leaving behind the looming threat of looking like a Disney-addicted grown-up who can’t act nor look her age. (I’m 25 if you were wondering.)

It’s cool how it shows that these glitter bombs can be worn with anything. So if you were a closeted Disney/glitter fan, now is the time to come out and literally strut. There’s no place like home the streets to raise your fashion flag, in Meninas that is.

This post is in partnership with Menina Step flats from Spain
Photos by Karlo Torio
Hair by Blowout Bar
Makeup by Reggie of Inglot Cosmetics