photos via and SM GTW

Updating you with what’s been going these past couple weeks – a lot. In this post, the Candy Fair. Keep in mind that the only fair I attended was 16 years ago (in 1st grade) where my sole memory is of me shooting mini hoops through coca-cola bottles. So Barney’s famous ‘legendary’ is apt to describe my second fair exposure. Walking the runway is not something I thought I’d do once, much less twice, but I did it again for SM GTW along with fellow bloggers/brand ambassadors Camille, Kryz, Lissa and Patricia during last week’s Candy Fair.

I am quite the worry-wart, to be honest. But hours spent jumping up and down to wash out my nerves turned worthwhile (if you can call it that) thanks to the ever-supportive Candy girls who made my walk amazing a feeling. A huge sigh of relief was spent thanks to me not tripping on stage. The whole experience actually was amazing – imagine a Megawide tent of screeches for every Candy cutie that appeared, but more importantly, a hoard of Candy cuties backstage free for ogling. I kid.

I had so much fun during the Candy Fair. Thank you so much to the ff: SM GTW for another amazing opportunity, Candy for having us, Alyanna Martinez and team for my styling, Francis for my hair and Chuchie Ledesma for the make-up (both hair and MU I grossly didn’t want to wash). And of course, thank you thank you thank you to the Candy girls for the love and support. You guys are awesome. 😉 Til the next!