Was I always called a geek? I think so. Not in a Glee-throw-a-slurpee-in-your-face kind of way, but rather more descriptive, matter-of-fact-ly. Because I really always was – from the books by my bedside (science fantasy – Terry Brooks was my hero), to the classes I enjoyed but never really admitted (still not admitting), and the activities I spent my precious free time on (reading, writing). (Even my Mean Girls obsession that should’ve been heralded cool was headed towards geek-dom the moment I realized I memorized the whole film. “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?” “Oh my God, Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white!”)

Ironically, being a geek is, all of a sudden, cool. Case in point: Topshop carrying all terms, in all variations. It’s taking every inch of discipline to resist purchasing all of ‘em geek references  – especially those in the sweater variety.

I can’t pinpoint where the sudden interest in being geeky started. (If you’re still left unconvinced, remember the larger than life eye-glasses everyone seems to wear?) Have we moved on from the likes of Regina George to the likes of, say, Rachel Berry? Okay, maybe that was a terrible reference. I will never personally fall out of love with Regina and her evil ways and will probably never fall in love with Lea Michelle’s alter ego but you still have the likes of New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel and, my personal favorite, Emma Stone (who isn’t necessarily a geek but cute and adorable nonetheless.)

 *whispers in a conspiracy theory kind of way* Or have we all been influenced by (actual) hipsters? *end whisper*

Why I chose “dweeb” over other “nerd”/”geek” crop tops I’m not particularly sure. The differences of the three terms are lost to me as well. I guess dweeb just seemed more Super Mario-ish/glasses-falling-off-my-nose type –  exactly what I was going for. I forecast an overabuse of this top. Get ready.

Dweeb T-Shirt, TOPSHOP | Pencil skirt, FOREVER21 | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M | Metallic gold t-strap pumps, ASOS