Why I paired Sulley with what I feel is a direct reference to Spongebob (or is it just me?) I do not know. But, let it be known that in the midst of Chanel-donning, sophisticated looking folks, I am still a sucker for character dressing. Come to think of it, Spongebob is probably the sole reason I bought this skirt given that I’m typically print-averse. It didn’t help that the line “whooooo…livesinapineappleunderthesea?” was on repeat on my mental I-tunes (yes, capital I).

Sulley on the other hand was much more straightforward, obviously. It happened to be a men’s shirt but I didn’t really mind. The love of the monster was enough for me to look past gender-specific sizing (see: folded sleeves.)

Honestly, I’m thisclose to walking into the nearest Disney store and getting myself a mermaid’s tail. I’m kidding. But I am rather tempted to get a Disney shirt with my favorite Disney princesses. I realize that I just sounded like a 5 year old but being amongst children is making my regression a little more palpable. In dire need of interactions with people my age. Maybe when I get back home. Or not, there’s always the possibility of San Francisco. Must. book. soon.

Shirt, GIORDANO | Skirt, H&M | Boots, ALDO