Light blue has disappeared from my wardrobe since the demise of Lizzie McGuire. Hilary Duff, although embarrassing to admit, was the only real influence of color in my life (discounting red, of course. Even as a child the bold color has always been an obsession.) Her influence on me was so strong she even started an obsession with pink leopard print rhinestone pants complete with a year-round hunt for a pair that eventually turned futile. I should’ve known. How many brands actually make pink leopard print rhinestone pants? (For the record, she wore it in one episode and I couldn’t take my mind off it since.)

Fast forward a decade later (without my Lizzie McGuire), I’m letting color seep into my wardrobe again albeit piece by piece. Pinks and purples have made their way through but light blues have always been a huge hesitation. Somehow, they remind me of children’s drawings of clouds and that usually turns me off. I do know why I was drawn to this particular piece though – the racerback cut is certainly not for children and the 60s mod reference is too strong to ignore (and any Mod reference ultimately leaves my wallet high and dry). Of course, the brand, ForMe, is one I feel fiercely loyal to that if they serve me a piece that catches my eye, no matter the shade of blue I will be willing to try it out. Trial led to falling in love and I have worn this a bunch more times since purchase.

I’m not the only one who loves it though. My mom wanted to get the same exact piece for herself but the branch she went to didn’t have it in her size. And before she gets over to the other branches to snag what may possibly be the last piece, I suggest you beat her to it.

So while I still don’t know where to get my pink leopard print rhinestone pants (and I’m not entirely sure I still want to), at least I know where to hunt for more color should another bout of post-Hilary Duff color-cravings arise. My mom and I will see you there.

Top, FORME | Skirt, H&M | Heels, ALEXANDER WANG