I think this is long overdue. I’ve been wanting to thank my readers in some material way. So here you go! A bongga Christmas giveaway! <3

What you’ll get: A handbag, a wallet and a necklace all from PARFOIS | Glamour Lip Gloss and an Angel Star Lip Balm from NIVEA | a set of Stayput Ponytails, a 60 piece So Secure Bobby Pins, A StayPut Headband, and a Blow It Out Brush from GOODY. – yep, all those in the picture above.

That was a lot to type. Whew.

So. here’s what you have to do:

1) LIKE Alyssa LapidNIVEA , GOODY and PARFOIS on Facebook

2) Follow @alyssalapid on Twitter

AND tweet:

” Win A TON OF STUFF at https://alyssalapid.com @alyssalapid #nivea #parfois #GoodyPH “

*i wont see the tweet if you’re twitter account is private

3) Leave a comment below with your name and facebook url

4) Re-blogging this contest will count as another entry. Just make sure to leave the link to the post in the comment box.

*winner will be chosen via random.org

*contest ends on Jan 3 at 12 midnight! Which means you get three weeks to join. haha

-contestants must be a resident of the Philippines

It isn’t that hard, right? You’ll be winning A LOT anyway. <3

Show me some love and join! 😉

Thank you so much to Goody, Nivea and Parfois for making this giveaway possible. I love thee! 🙂