Shirt, OLD NAVY | Denim polo and shorts, SM GTW | Heels, PARISIAN | Sunglasses, FOREVER 21 MEN

If Cinderella’s curfew is midnight, I’m proud to say I’m knocked out an hour prior (at least recently) – totally making her the party animal and myself the good one. Or the one devoid of a social life. Despite that intimidating heel height, I couldn’t find it in me to resist this pair from Parisian. Come on, glass slippers? In my eyes Disney references know no impracticality – making me their ultimate consumer. Realizing that if anybody made mermaid shoes I’d probably be the first one to sport em. Creepy. Maybe I do have to revisit my affinity for the big Walt.

On second thought, I’d rather be addicted to Disney than Grimm. I don’t want to gross you guys out by sharing Grimm’s version where Cinderella’s evil stepsisters had to cut off their toes and heels to fit into the tiny shoes. Oh, I just did? Oops.