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Bloggers-Blowout-084A month ago, the girls of and Blo Blow Dry Bar whipped up a special treat for us bloggers: a Blogger Blo Out. We were pampered, made to look good via our own choice of hairstyle offerings and treated to lunch and intimate getting-to-know-yous.

Aside from getting to meet the whole team, (they were such darlings – I can just imagine how fun it would be to work there), we also got to chat with the Blo Team. I am in love with the idea of a Blo Bar. Very rarely does my hair get decent attention – only when it’s being chopped off or when I’m at a shoot. Imagine my delight at the prospect of leaving my hair in the caring hands of their professional Blowers without worrying about how much of a child I’ll look – an inevitable haircut consequence. They have a bunch of styles to choose from that reference Hollywood red carpet looks, Victoria’s Secret runway hair and a few more such as updos and braids. I chose ‘Pillow Talk’ – a cross between beach waves and Victoria’s Secret hair (which made sense given that I was wearing my lingerie-looking dress) – and loved it.

We also got acquainted with the new look of It was recently revamped and I suggest you bookmark it asap.  You can scroll though its supply of cool articles ranging from the most interesting Twitter reactions to GoT Red Wedding  episode (what was yours?), to interactive ‘Do Dump Marry’ features and a bunch of other Cosmo-stamped pieces on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sex and relationships. Each blogger got a one-on-one tour of the new website – an intimate gesture I very much appreciated. They also did a quick ‘Purse Paparazzi’ shoot that I wasn’t ready for but happily went through with nonetheless with my gigantic work bag filled with unnecessary and unfeminine trash.

Had a great time hanging out with like-minded girls in such a relaxing/pampering environment. I honestly can’t wait to go back to Blo Bar Serendra and am trying hard to will – by way of The Secret – dressier events my way. If my calendar draws a blank, it’s fine, I know a dreary day can and probably will be reason enough.

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