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Checked out Neon Island’s Holiday Collection, Dark Paradise, that had a fresh rendition of summery prints -palms, ferns and florals in luxe, dark hues. I got a couple pieces even if they weren’t in the same color family insisting, rather stubbornly, that they match. The designers, Chi and Aira, had to repeatedly explain one was blue and one was black. The prints were similar so I rebutted. After a while I conceded but still bought both.

Headed on over to a sprightly place to detract from how somber the outfit was. Even my nail polish (shoutout to Girl Stuff) matched the mood. I’ve realized that I’m drawn to tops that showcase backs, so halters are always going to be a favorite. I especially like the cut of this piece, so reminiscent of the 90s and any reference to the decade I grew up in is a plus in my book.

I’m keeping this short- I’m completely distracted by the House of DVF currently on TV. Now, that’s a whirlwind paradise I want to be a part of. Let’s hope it won’t be as dark. Flowery blooms and cotton candy hues in life, please. The somber, haunted florals I’ll reserve for my closet.

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