subic 1subic 3 subic1Long drives aren’t my cup of tea. Getting carsick has always been an issue growing up and I’d rather go on long plane trips than sit in a car or bus for hours on end. New highways have made it easier of course (thank you, government. #finally) and I have reaped the rewards of a new road just recently on a day trip to Subic. Headed to a hotel to chill for a bit and then went to the beach for a quick dip.

I have realized that I’m an antisocial extrovert. It’s so difficult to drag me out of the house and the idea of spending a ridiculous amount of time with people gives me anxiety – especially overnight trips and longer. Unlike introverts though, the moment I get to the place and start talking to people I immediately have fun. I feed off other people’s energies and tremendously enjoy conversations to the point that time flies by a little too fast. Oh, but the process of physically getting from point A to point B is a never-ending internal battle that often requires a lot of convincing and an expert weighing of pros and cons. The drive to the beach was worth it even if we took a few longer turns in between (story of my life apparently entails always getting lost) and similarly, while the idea of getting dripping wet kind of freaks me out (wet bathroom floors are my least favorite thing on Earth), I can spend hours in the water. My fingers could turn wrinkly and I still wouldn’t budge. Unless the lifeguard asks me to. I adhere to authority.

It’s a holiday again soon and I can’t wait to spend another day in the water surrounded by friends. I just bailed on my last overnight invite (told you, anxiety!) but day trips don’t seem like too much of a commitment.

My bikini has been prepped.

Dress, FREE PEOPLE | Crochet bikini top, HOLY SWIM | Floral shorts, FORME