Admiration from afar, somewhat literal paralysis up close: my usual emotional (sometimes physical) cycle with heelless shoes.

Bumping into girls in 5 inch versions of them – at escalators of all places – turns me into the social retard I sometimes am – complete with a matching, impossible to miss, gaping mouth. Now that I finally own a pair, I realize they aren’t so terrifying – sturdy even. So I wore these new babies out with another sturdy material I know – denim. Maybe it’s a frantic attempt on my part to soothe my nerves by balancing the unknown with the familiar. Then again, it probably just seemed cute. Which, come to think of it, isn’t such a bad measure in choosing outfits.

If, by any chance, you see me out in these, I am already forgiving you for the future gape sins you are bound to commit. Don’t treat me like a spectacle like I do others (golden rule flying out the window.) But if you must, fine. Do know that you’ll probably get tired of pushing your jaw back up as I’ve already decided (just now) that these heels will be on regular rotation.

My escalator issues I still have to work on so I’ll most likely just be in one floor. But whatever. At least I’ll have pretty shoes.

Shirtdress, TOPSHOP | Denim Jacket, LEVI’S | Strappy platforms, CMG | Skull necklace, ANTLER