I recently unearthed about a gazillion denim skirts from my mom’s closet which is awesome because I’m becoming more and more obsessed with the fabric. I didn’t unearth them fast enough as I made this denim purchase a week prior. I don’t feel one bit guilty though. (Is that greed? Or is it an early sign of hoarding?) I take refuge in the fact that this skirt looks a bit different from what I’ve recently inherited and much softer and lighter than the denim heavyweights of the past. (Fine, leaning towards hoarding.)

Decided to make its debut with another newcomer in my closet, this top from Mint. Pieces with surprises – even in the smallest forms – are usually given a go. I don’t really wear much of the puffed sleeves but I made an exception in this case and am not complaining. I’m actually excited to take pieces not usually found in my wardrobe for sartorial test runs. If they work then great but if they don’t, I stand by Oprah’s philosophy that “a life of ‘oh wells’ ┬áis better than a life of ‘what ifs.'”

I should really keep doing that before I lose the adventure bug and revert back to the basics in my closet. And since I’m a moody Gemini, we can’t tell exactly when that’ll happen. What we do know is that it most likely will. ‘Til then, #YOLO.