I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect denim top (that isn’t a button down) and I finally found it at H&M, where I find almost everything else I need. Had the sudden urge to ransack my closet for these matching H&M jeggings. It turned out a little jumpsuit-looking but I don’t mind. Jumpsuits are a want that don’t translate well to my humble 5’2″ stature so the look minus the accompanying disproportionate crotch is always welcome.

Planned on doing a two-way styling post for this top but the number of photos was bound to get overwhelming so just consider this part one of two. The head to ankle H&M look reveals how much of a sucker for H&M I really am but aren’t we all? I’m more of a sucker for my shoes though that I wrote a love letter to here. Can’t wait to get more pieces to fall in love with and I promise I won’t write letters to all of them.

Next on the denim hunt: a knee-length or calf-length denim skirt. Know where I can find one?

Btw, there’s a FourEyes giveaway ongoing here.

And there’s also a survey dying to be answered here. 

Top, jeggings and headband, H&M | Heels, VALENTINO | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG