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There’s much room for interpretation re: dog days. What comes to mind is Florence and the Machine’s upbeat song (that may be about abuse?), days of sluggishness acco. to google, and, on a more personal note, my days with my actual dogs who I remember every time I see this shirt.

I never thought I’d like pets until I had them. I had a poodle when I was a baby but she was a barker and that didn’t sit well with me as a two-year old. She unfortunately died viciously and the gory and frightening memory is forever imprinted in my head.

It was only ’til recently (about 3-4 years ago) that puppies re-entered my life. Now I have four. I’ll be the canine equivalent of a stereotypical old maid/cat lady in no time. I chanced upon this lone shirt at the clearance rack of Penshoppe and knew I had to have it. Though my puppies are actually all shih tzus, the way this cute little embroidered nugget tilts his head reminds me so much of my own little munchkins.

Whatever pieces remind you of, I think it’s special when an item of clothing can so easily bring back precious moments or even favorite tunes. So until I can embroider my own puppies’ faces on shirts, I’ll be wearing this shirt to constantly remind me of how magical they are (by merely existing) and how happy I am to have four pawed-midgets in my life.

I can’t wait to cuddle them when I get back home.

Photography by KARLO TORIO

Shirt, PENSHOPPE | Skirt, ZARA | Bucket hat, VANGUARD from PACSUNĀ