I’ve been talking about Boracay non-stop both on and off-line and it’s probably driving everyone nuts but give me a couple more posts and I’ll (presumably and, for your sake, hopefully) get over it. So many realizations came with this trip (including matters of work that were immediately addressed on the flight back. Yep, that quick.)  

This particular one – that of dream destinations that are now deeply embedded in the throngs of my bucket list – was probably brought about by the particular location we shot at that to me was reminiscent of Santorini – I blame it on the white walls I was sandwiched between and/or too much of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram feed. Therefore, albeit anticlimactically, I declare Santorini my new number 1 dream destination. Second would be – thanks to these harem pants – Morocco. Now I don’t really know why nor how exactly I jumped from a Cambodia purchase to Morocco but it just got me thinking of dining on the most colorful of pillows, indian-sitting my way through meals and even wearing lots of clanking gold circles on my hips.

Other chart-toppers are Egypt (anything Egyptian-inspired is my wallet’s woe) and Italy (pizza + pasta = belly heaven). Sigh. Leave it to my favorite local destination to get me mulling over further, more extravagant – not to mention expensive – ones. ‘Til I can bid goodbye though to pressing concerns that keep me tied down in Manila, I will just keep adding to my bucket list. But thank you, Boracay, for always reminding me of what I want in the most unexpected of ways (i.e., outfit shots).

Bikini, H&M | Harem pants from Cambodia | Bag, AEO | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN