I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in an A&F store before and I don’t think I will again mostly for fear of being ostracized in New York (I heard that was a thing) or maybe I’ll just wear it out while I’m not there yet. What prompted the purchase though was shopping with somebody else and that somebody happened to be a fan of the brand. Full disclosure: shopping with other people mostly always results to wanting a purchase for myself. Call it a lack in self-control but I prefer to think of it as making good use of my in-store time by looking around, trying stuff on, mediating an internal debate and then finally paying should the devil on your shoulder win (or angel – whichever you choose to rally for the shopping side).

Ultimately, what made me say yes is simple: it’s a drop-waist dress and I am all for drop-waist dresses. They’re so easy, comfortable and are absolutely perfect for twirling – not that I do on a regular basis but should the need for a twirl arise, there’s comfort in knowing I’ll be able to.

Changed from boots to heels to attend Trilogy’s Back in the Hood event and be inspired the second time around by streetwear giants but that’s for a different post.

I leave you with this outfit post and maybe a final statement on how drop-waists are perfect I am on a constant lookout for them. And okay, fine, I twirled.

Dress, Abercrombie & Fitch | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Boots, ALDO 

Ph by Mike Gella